Precision Rifle is shot with .22lr and centrefire rifles in two separate disciplines. The aim of Precision is to have recreational shooters shooting accurately at long range from a prone position. Shooting long range doesn’t require expensive custom equipment and extensive training. At Blue Hills we have the information and resources to help shooters of all skill levels and budgets get started to accurately shoot at long ranges. Shooters do not have to shoot both disciplines.

.22 is currently shot from 25 yards – 100 yards however distances are increasing as shooters skill level increases. Targets are reactive steel so hits are immediately obvious. At present we have around 20 shoot variations for .22 matches and no two shoots are the same.

Centre fire can be shot with any calibre and we make use of the entire range (100 – 500m). Again targets can be paper or reactive steel.

Shooters of all ages and ability are welcome. Competition is friendly and the most important aspect of Precision is to have fun.

There is a club .22 available for use until shooters acquire their own rifle.