SSAA Blue Hills Sporting Shooters Club Inc (SSAA Blue Hills) supports and promotes a diverse range of target shooting activities. Rifle, pistol and shotgun based shooting disciplines are equally represented. SSAA Blue Hills encourages new shooters and families to participate in the target shooting sports.

  • All members and/or visitors must conduct themselves in a fair, sportsman like manner at all times;
  • All members and/or visitors must respect other club members rights to enjoy their chosen shooting activities;
  • Abusive language, flaring tempers and general misconduct will not be tolerated;
  • Gender, religion, race or ethnicity based discriminatory remarks or slurs will not be tolerated;
  • All members and/or visitors shall act in a manner to not bring the club or the sport of target shooting into disrepute;
  • When in a shooting area all members and visitors must comply with instructions issued by a Range Officer.