Fly Shoot is a shooting discipline that caters exclusively to rifles. The discipline includes Rimfire and Centrefire matches generally shot at 200 yards and 500m respectively. Each match comprises five targets, with the target having a ‘fly’ 30mm in size as the X-ring and scoring rings around it. Fly Shoot is a unique discipline as both the size of the groups and scores count towards a shooter’s final result. It is best to try to keep the five-shot group as close to the fly as possible for a maximum score.

Fly Shoot began in Canberra in 1990 and has grown to the point where it is recognized by SSAA as an official Benchrest event.

Blue Hills also runs Fun Fly Shoots at shorter distances so that shooters of all abilities can experience this unique shoot in a non- competitive environment.

The Fly Shoot is shot off the bench and is a mix of Benchrest and Precision.

There are very few rules and to emphasise the element of fun, the last and most important rule 10 says “Any competitor found not enjoying themselves will be disqualified.”

Check out SSAA National and for more information.